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Hike The Bruce

A forum for a group of Ontario Hikers with plans to experience the Bruce Trail through a series of monthly day-hikes.

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    About Hike the Bruce Forums Empty About Hike the Bruce Forums

    Post by cgundlack Thu Apr 02, 2015 11:11 am

    Welcome hikers!

    We've set up these forums as a means to share information among the interested, while reducing the amount of spam people receive in their inbox.  Primarily, this is a resource for those who are joining us for the hikes between March 2015 and the Summer of 2019.  We are not affiliated with the Bruce Trail Association, although most of us are active members of various Bruce Trail clubs.

    Membership to these forums is free, and open to the public--if you are interested (and not a bot), you are welcome to become a member.  

    NOTE: Joining our forum does NOT make you a member of the Bruce Trail Association--you can find information on becoming a member of a Bruce Trail club at:  http://brucetrail.org/

    Use of the forums:
    These are meant to be a friendly place, so please keep discussion civil--trolls will get the boot immediately, without warning, and we won't feel the least bit bad about it.

    Initially, the forums are set up as follows (you will need to join the forums and login to see these):

    (Year) Hikes
    (i.e. 2015 Hikes)  -- these are details on the hikes scheduled for a given year.  We will make an effort to include a reasonable amount of detail regarding key meeting points, parking etc. Please add to these as required.

    Links to member photo galleries from the hikes

    Member Discussions
    Hiking-related discussions of the forum membership.

    As we find useful resources, they will be posted here.  These are open for comments and discussion, and can be added to/enhanced by members.

    Hiker Gear Swap
    If you have hiking/outdoor gear you wish to sell/trade/give away, feel free to post it here. (Please keep it hiking/outdoor related. The dining room suite goes on kijiji...)

    To help people find and filter the appropriate posts, in the post title, preface the description with WANTED, SELLING or FREE.
    WANTED: (Item or service) -- Looking to buy (or acquire for free!)
    SELLING: (Item or service) -- You've got something hiking-related to offer
    FREE: (Item or service) -- You're going to give it away

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    About Hike the Bruce Forums Empty Re: About Hike the Bruce Forums

    Post by dentonrad Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:26 pm

    I would like to say a special THANK YOU to Christian for the planning and updating of this forum, and helping to keep everyone updated. He has done a really good job of it!

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