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Hike The Bruce

A forum for a group of Ontario Hikers with plans to experience the Bruce Trail through a series of monthly day-hikes.

    2019-08-10 (Saturday) - Bruce Trail (Peninsula) Final Weekend Day 2


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    2019-08-10 (Saturday) - Bruce Trail (Peninsula) Final Weekend Day 2 Empty 2019-08-10 (Saturday) - Bruce Trail (Peninsula) Final Weekend Day 2

    Post by cgundlack Mon May 13, 2019 8:12 pm

    Day two of our final Bruce Trail hike weekend. Make sure to check in with us the night before or morning of the hike to ensure the meetup point has not changed.

    We will turn back North again for another challenging hike of ~18 km, on Bruce Trail maps 41 & 42.

    We will meet at the roadside parking on Little Cove Rd (Map 42, 158.6 km mark) at 8:45 AM
    Parking ID: P_046
    GPS: 45.24713948324559,-81.61533773759521
    Meetup Point Map

    We will then shuttle back to the same start point as the prior day--at Halfway Dump
    Parking ID:P_043
    GPS: 45.227341888983304,-81.48039303525708
    Halfway Dump Map

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