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Hike The Bruce

A forum for a group of Ontario Hikers with plans to experience the Bruce Trail through a series of monthly day-hikes.

    2019-05-11 Metcalfe Rock to Beaver Valley Rd (Old Baldy)


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    2019-05-11 Metcalfe Rock to Beaver Valley Rd (Old Baldy) Empty 2019-05-11 Metcalfe Rock to Beaver Valley Rd (Old Baldy)

    Post by cgundlack Tue May 07, 2019 7:50 am

    Hey everyone--it is the start of our home-stretch year of hiking the Bruce Trail! I had all Winter to work on this, so naturally I am getting around to posting up the schedule 4 days before the first hike. Why wrap things up any different than we began?

    Soooo...where were we? This hike, we will be working our way South (?!?) along the East side of the Beaver Valley.

    As usual, we'll aim to meet at 8:45

    Meetup at the finish at the Bruce Trail parking on Beaver Valley Road (County Rd 13), just South of Kimberley, between Siderd 4B and Creamery Rd (Bruce Trail App Parking BV_027) at GPS: 44.38025003510091, -80.5352018903292 (Google Map)

    Alright, alright...yes, we're meeting up near "Old Baldy", and I don't want any smart comments.

    We will shuttle back to Metcalfe Rock Parking on 10th Line, North of 6th Sideroad (27.9km mark of the Beaver Valley section)
    Bruce Trail App Parking ID: BV_007
    GPS: 44.4162088, -80.4435578
    (Google Map)

    Approximate hike length: 17.5km

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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